Robot as an Astronaut

Since decades, science has led human civilization not only with excellent achievements in human knowledge, but also its capability to make life easier. Robot can be the tool that will help human activities, especially in a dangerous area. Besides the military area, robot can be used at outside the earth as the astronaut.

The robot design is different with the common robot that lives in the earth. The scientists have designed it with the special capabilities. On outside the atmosphere, the robot is designed to support its own weight, as we know that there is no gravity there. The robot is used to identify the surface of the moon and other planets as well. The existing astronaut robot has a car shape which keeps the special wheels to travel on the moon’s surface.

The design is specified for the task capabilities which can be done by some astronauts. The astronauts usually repair the broken hardware outside the earth, such as repair the failed satellite to go into its orbit and clean a block of ice from the vent. The scientists think that it will be better to use the robot do such these tasks instead of getting the replacement astronauts. The robot is equipped with the force, position, torque, tactile and thermal sensors which are connected to the station centre on earth.

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