The Evolution of Robot

When we are talking about robot, it means we have been talking about the most interesting of technology progress at this time. The robots have become a phenomenal idea for people who think about the future. Yes, we can relate the robots with the future because we have seen there are many science fiction films that storied about the future with futuristic and fantastic technology at there include many smart robots that can speak and have skills like a human.

Well, actually, our technology is not so far. The scientists have successfully created several robots, but these robots are only have limited abilities. The robots in the present are only able to do some tasks in accordance with the programs. Therefore, do not imagine them as the smart robots that can speak and move as people can do.

However, the robots abilities at present are potentially to increase with the numbers of research by scientists. The scientists have been trying to improve and complement the programs of robots so that they hope someday the robots can be as smart as human at least. In addition, we can believe that at one time a robot’s ability can imitate and improve the human capabilities in performing their tasks.

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